Murillo, the Tolima municipality that is closest to heaven. Located in the north of the department of Tolima, 144 km from the departmental capital, Ibagué and at an altitude of 2950 meters above sea level. Enjoy the exuberant view of El Nevado del Ruiz, its thermals in the cabin, waterfalls and the immensity of the mountains to practice mountain biking on the “Temperance Route”.

Main Park: It is the most significant sociocultural center of Murillo, where the most significant institutions congregate and the architecture of the “Tabla Parada” is exhibited. With beautiful gardens and pine trees around it, it has colonial and cultural architecture, you can find also traditional sweets. It is a very nice place where the locals congregate.

Miraculous Medal church: It is an architectural, religious and cultural monument. Its patron saint is the Virgin Mary under the Advocation of the Miraculous Medal. This place is essential for religious people who are willing to visit this church.Murillo

Lagunilla River Canyon: This Colombian river was through which part of the volcanic phreate material that triggered the Armero avalanche in 1985 descended, it is a place to appreciate the greatness of nature that captivates our visitors so much.

Casa Murillo: Although not currently in use, Casa Murillo is a colonial-style cultural and architectural monument that is an axis of the municipality’s history around the preservation and protection of the environment, sustainable tourism, and culture.

The presentation of the architecture and paisa heritage of the “Tabla Parada” is also significant due to its construction technique used where unions without rivets or nails are evident, being sets, made with these adjustments typical of box cuts, lightning, tenon and miter.

La Cabaña Hot Springs: Located at 3950 MASL, La Cabaña Thermal Refuge is configured as one of the most visited sites by locals and tourists, because being located in the moor ecosystem in the middle of espeletias, mosses and lichens provides a connection experience and learning with this territory made a paradise between the mountains.

Its waters range from 25 °C to 35 °C depending on the seismic activity associated with the Nevado del Ruíz Volcano.

El Escondite lake: This 8,000 m2 natural water reservoir has a rest and reflection area next to the lagoon. The Cerro de la Cruz is a viewpoint of the city from where you can enjoy the views and landscapes of the entire municipality.

We recommend you bring warm clothes for the low temperatures of this place, also special and comfortable shoes for the walks that will take place in this place which you can explore to learn more.

Temperature: 12°C

Height: 2950 MASL

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