Toche is a little town of the municipality of Ibagué within the department of Tolima where the largest wax palm forest in the world is located.


Machín Volcano: You can travel by Jeep or on foot from the town to the volcano, this part of the central mountain range, after passing through a humid forest within the mountains. Small craters in the jungle that emit steam can be seen if you hike to the top.

Toche Hot Springs: On some farms there are small natural pools with mineral springs that emerge from the ground with temperatures more than 5 °C above the surface temperature. After a typical peasant lunch, you can take a delicious hot bath in one of these.

You can choose to take a bath in the delicious and refreshing waters. You will also be able to interact with nature up close during this experience.

Wax palm: It has around 600,000 adult palms that have become a tourist attraction, there is also an indefinite number of baby palms that have not fully grown and will take 60 years to reach the common height of other palm trees, it is said that each ring in its trunk is a year of growth.

The Tunnel of Life: To get to this place you must cross the vegetation that surrounds Toche. Mountainous paths can be found in the middle of tunnels of huge rocks more than three meters high where you can admire small waterfalls that cascade down the rocky walls. The devil’s cave is reached by ascending a little further along the jungle paths. You can enter and explore the big cave, but you have to be careful because there are a lot of bats there.

We recommend you to wear comfortable and cool clothes for the temperatures of this place and special shoes for walks on this mountainous area.

Maximum temperature: 22 °C.

Minimum temperature: 16 °C.

Height: 2047 masl

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