Located on the eastern side of the Central Cordillera of the Andes, which can be reached from the Plaza de Bolívar making an 18 km journey in the heart of Ibagué, to the locality of Juntas, bordering the banks of the Combeima river. There you can do different types of activities such as ecological walks, rappelling, horseback riding, savoring a delicious dish of Tolima’s gastronomy or simply bird watching, breathing fresh air and contemplating the beauty of the Tolima snow-capped mountain in all its splendor.

Cañon combeima

The viewpoint of the Combeima canyon, or Mirador los Sauces: This is a small viewpoint located approximately 5 minutes from the path of Juntas, where you can see all the vegetation, the paths near the area, see the course of the Combeima river; it is a very pleasant sight constantly visited by both locals and tourists.

Hikes, bird watching and photography: Enjoying the majestic landscapes of the Combeima Canyon is one of the best things to do there. We recommend hiking because it is a fun activity that you can do with friends or family and at the same time have the opportunity to appreciate the wildlife that inhabits this region. Starting with the mountain tapirs up to the condors, foxes and eagles, they represent the fauna of the territory.

You can choose to take a bath in the delicious and refreshing waters of the waterfalls during the walks. You will be able to interact with nature during this experience.

cañon combeima 2La Plata Ecotourism Park: It is a natural and forest reserve created by the owners of the La Primavera farm, located in the Plata El Brillante village, Locality of Pastales in Combeima Canyon, Ibagué Tolima, with the aim of rescuing and preserving the cultural and historical heritage. A park that has 32 waterfalls, La plata waterfall being the highest in the department of Tolima, with about 490 meters high. Inside, you can find demarcated routes with names of the pijao’s culture. Includes offers tourists a pre-Hispanic show to rescue the musical and dance memory of the department.

It also has extreme sports such as: Canyoning, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, as well as ecological horseback riding, Ibanasca Cave, natural water pool, rest area in hammocks and restaurant.

Los Nevados National Natural Park: It is known for its snow-capped volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, and forests. To the north is where the Nevado del Ruiz volcano is currently active. Further south are Lake Verde, Lake Otón and the snowy Nevado del Tolima. The park is home to hummingbirds, eagles, parrots, and condors. It has tall wax palms and espeletias.

Yaguaré Ecotourism Park: It is located at kilometer 17 in the Combeima canyon. Its objective is to conserve and preserve the waters, flora and fauna of the territory. In the park you can find different activities such as tuby, target shooting, paintball, horseback riding, human rubber, zip line and much more.

The Combeima canyon offers us many experiences such as trying its typical food, this place has an abundance of restaurants which will take care of giving you a great gastronomic experience that abounds in this place.

When you visit the Combeima Canyon you will find that its climate can vary as it is located between 1400 and 4200 MASL and its average temperature is from 26 to 16 °C. Therefore, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothing for the different climates that may occur during the tour.

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